Raising Exceptional Shorthorn Cattle

In 1885, Henry Truckenbrod purchased what is known today as Pike Creek Farms, where Fusion Cattle's 70 head of Shorthorn cattle now roam. Seven generations later, the family farmstead is proudly operated by Henry's Great-Great Grandson, Paul Jr. and his children and grandchildren. Situated on Old Chicago Road in Clarion Township, the Truckenbrod family once raised several species of livestock on their diverse farmstead including hogs, dairy cattle, chickens and horses. In 1965, Paul Sr. sought to transition their Brown Swiss dairy herd to a beef herd and was insistent that Shorthorn was the route to go. With both of his children in 4-H, he allowed them to seek out Shorthorn steers from a neighbor. The family fell in love and sought after their first heifer the following year. Crossbreeding their Brown Swiss with the Shorthorns, it didn't take long for the Truckenbrods to become a prominent breeder of Shorthorn genetics in North Central Illinois.

After raising the Champion Shorthorn Female at the North American International Livestock Exposition in 1993, Paul spiraled into diversifying and growing the herd through AI and ET measures. His perseverance paid off as the family went on to raise consistent champions at county fairs, jackpot shows, state fairs, NAILE and NJSS. The Truckenbrods quickly learned that the Shorthorn breed is more than just cattle, it's a family. Knowing his passion for the breed ran deep, Paul Jr. took on the challenge of piloting a program to encourage Shorthorn steer purchases throughout the state of Illinois. With a few of his close Shorthorn friends, he founded the Shorthorns Unlimited, a jackpot program exclusive to only junior exhibitors who purchased their calves through a member of the program.

Passing on his passion for Shorthorns, Paul Jr.'s daughter, Brandi, became vested in the Shorthorn Association as well. Serving on the AJSA board of Directors and as the Illinois Shorthorn Lassie Queen while subsequently being named Outstanding Junior Breeder, Brandi, continued the Truckenbrod tradition of making her mark in the Shorthorn breed. Paul Jr.'s son, Nate, exhibited the division I Champion at the 2012 NJSS and still helps with the day-to-day operations on the farm.

In 2010, with the herd quickly growing, the family made the decision to market their calves through a new venture - an online sale. Cutting edge and practically unheard of at the time, the Fusion Cattle family knew this would soon be the way the industry would adapt to livestock sales at a national level. This has now become an annual fall event at Fusion Cattle and we've never been happier to find great homes for our show prospects. Click here to learn more about our annual sale.

The success of Fusion Cattle is largely due, not only to our constant introduction of diverse genetics, but also to the priority we place on customer satisfaction. When you purchase a calf at Fusion Cattle, you purchase a service as well. We strive to be there to answer all of your questions throughout the life of your animal. Whether you're a young 4-Her that is just learning how to feed your steer or if you're a seasoned breeder that can't quite put your finger on what to breed your heifer to, we will be there to offer advice and help in any way that we can. We want you, like us, to be in it for the long haul!

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